A few examples of the awards and rewiews I have received.

Awards include:       

TAF Animation Festival Award

Award for contribution to Animation TAF 2019

Play Meter Magazine Awards of Excellence

Best Pinball Game of the Year Attack from Mars

Best Pinball Game of the Year Theater of Magic

Awarded Fellowship Honors

Chosen to participate in the exclusive School of The Art Institute of Chicago's degree show.

GamePro magazine.

"Hot at the Arcades-GamePro Exclusive. HYPERDRIVE" - Volume 10, Nr. 4., Issue 115

"Hyperdrive's stellar visuals and unique controls could propel it to the top of the arcade charts."

Major Mike

In this world I believe that you have to do something. If you can make a living doing what you like then you are indeed fortunate.

EGM2 magazine

A 4-page review and strategy guide on "Hyperdrive."

"Is Hyperdrive Wipeout? Nope, better."

Summer Gaming/Electronic Gaming Monthly Player's Guide

"Hyperdrive Ranked No 2 of the 10 Best Arcade Games of the Summer Season!"


"Visual Explorations in Virtual Mode." A full-page interview with Brian C. Morris by the journalist Chrisa Polimeni with photos of artwork.