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Williams/Bally Pinball works Gallery

Brian C. Morris, Dot matrix Animator

Here you can see an example dot matrix animation and a list of pinball games that I created dot matrix animation for while employed at Williams/Bally Pinball.

The actual dot matrix animations were not archived, except for the one above, so I am including the backglass art for reference. I am by no means claming credit for the backglass art, the backglass artwork is credited to the artists that created it.

" Williams was one of the major forces in arcade amusement history...Williams entered the solid-state electronic pinball market and would come to dominate the pinball industry. ...WMS acquired Bally Midway Manufacturing Company, which was the result of a 1981 merger between Bally's pinball division and Bally's video game company Midway Manufacturing. For over a decade, the company was known in the industry as Williams-Bally-Midway. Williams also continued to sell pinball machines (under the Williams and Bally brand names),"


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