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I developed most of these tutorials for my 3D Animation and Game design classes. You can find an assortment of 3ds Max, Blender, and Games Engine tutorials. Some are written and some are video tutorials. Some more recent and some not so recent. ENJOY and donate a small amount if you feel inclined.

3dsMax to UDK grid spacing

Here is the how and why on matching the 3ds Max Home Grid to match the UDK grid, and snapping the pivot point to the proper location in 3dsMax so you can build modular assets in UDK.

Unity Custom Collision Object explained

Here I explain the how (kind of) and why we would sometimes need a custom mesh to use for collisions in Unity. I start by showing the initial setup with our original mesh and a simplified mesh in 3ds max, although the theory applies to any 3d modeling application, and then show how to use the simplified geometry as a collision mesh in Unity.

Reactor Physics Simulation

A POOL BREAK...Just an example with some set-tup notes for now.

The download includeds a 3ds Max 8 file and the setup notes, the video is a render of the finished simulation.

Lamp Post Project

A video tuturial showing how to use a Multi-Sub/Object Material, and the UVW Map Modifier with Multiple Mapping Coordinates.

Setting Up Global Illumination using Radiosity in 3ds Max 5

Setting Up Global Illumination using Radiosity in 3ds Max5 by Brian C. Morris I developed this tutorial for the 3D Design class which I teach at The American College of Thessaloniki (ACT). In this tutorial you will learn how to setup Global Illumination using a 3ds Max5 photometric light and Radiosity. .

Adding Textures to The Polyfighter with UVW Unwrap-rework

This tutorial is a rework of the 3ds Max5 tutorial "Adding Textures to the Spaceship with UVW Unwrap". I have replaced the model, updated the bitmap and extended the tutorial. The tutorial now uses the Wingman02 model from the Flying the Spacefighter tutorial which fits the bitmap a little better but needed a bit of modeling maintenance. I remodeled some faces, and deleted extra faces and isolated vertices. The bitmap image is reworked a little and is now a higher resolution. I developed this tutorial for my ACT 3D Design class as well so ignore the Blackboard and student references.

Polygon Modeling a Low Poly Cactus in 3ds

In this tutorial you will learn how to model a low polygon model with Editable Poly using a template object as reference, use subdivision surfaces, and the Symmetry modifier.

The Better NURBS Head

This tutorial is a rework of the 3ds Max5 tutorial "Modeling the Head of a NURBS Character". I have fixed the max start files and added new content. There seems to be a lack of Nurbs tutorial for 3ds Max so here is one for you. The first 2 sections are almost straight from the 3ds Max tutorial but then things get interesting. Another tutorial developed for my ACT 3D Design class so ignore the Blackboard references.

The 12+ Basic Prinicples of Animation (The Language of Movement)

In the "Early Days" of 2d cell animation ,around 1933, the animators at the Disney studios developed (through trial and error and exploration), some methods, practices and terminology that became the tools of the trade. Today any 2d or 3d animator needs to understand and apply these Basic Principles in order to infuse life, vitality, and appeal into their animated characters' movements.

It's 12+ since 3d Animators need to understand at least 1 more principle.

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