Modeling a Better NURBS Head-a 3ds Max5 tutorial fix

In this tutorial, you use NURBS to create the head of a 3D cartoon character. NURBS can be especially suited for modeling organic, free-form surfaces such as this character.

Note: NURBS are good for modeling free-form surfaces, but they are computationally expensive. If you want to do character animation, an editable mesh or editable patch model is the better choice. Meshes and patches require less computation, and animate more quickly and reliably.

The is a tutorial fix from 3ds Max5's Modeling The Head of a Nurbs Character with some added content, better eye, better head surface, an nose etc...

You can see the finished head in the image below.


This tutorial doesn't guide you through creating exactly every curve for the entire head, or animating it. It concentrates on creating specific parts of the character's head. Creating the head demonstrates a variety of techniques for NURBS modeling in 3ds max.

Features Covered in this Tutorial

  • Using a background image to trace NURBS curves

  • Drawing and editing CV Curves

  • Creating a loft surface from CV Curves

  • Creating a CV Curve on Surface to add details to a lofted NURBS surface

  • Rebuilding CV Curves

  • Creating a Vector Project Curve on Surface.

  • Creating a Normal Project Curve on Surface

  • Mirroring and welding a lofted NURBS surface

  • Attaching lofted surfaces to one another

Time to complete: 90 minutes

Tutorial Files

Files for this tutorial are on BlackBoard in the  Course Material-->Better Nurbs Head area.

In This Tutorial

Creating Contours for the Head

Previewing the Head

Adding Detail to the Head

Creating the Eye Part1

Creating the Eye Part2

Creating the Ear

Creating the Nose

Mirroring and Lofting the Head

Completing the Head