Creating the Eye Lid part 1

In this lesson you will build a eyelid by creating a CV Curve On Surface, and some transform curves. In part 2 you will edit the CVs and build a U Loft surface from the curves.

Use the file you saved from the last lesson Adding Detail to the Head (StudentID#_BetterHead01.max).

Now you're ready to create the CV Curve On Surface.

  1. If the eye Sphere01 object is Hidden you should Unhide it. display command panel, Hide rollout.

  2. Go to the Modify panel and select the NURBS model.

  3. You will be creating in the perspective view so arrange your viewports like below.

  1. On the General rollout, turn on NURBS Creation Toolbox to display the toolbox.

  2. In the toolbox, Click the Create CV curve on surface. In the perspective view, start at the left side of the eye and click to create the first CV(arrow1) and work your way around the top of the eye until you get to the other side (arrow 7). For a total of 7 CVs. You will position them better in the next step.

  3. Now go to the Curve CV sub-object level and adjust the CVs of the curve so the curve is just outlining the eye. Notice that you can only move these CV along the surface so select the correct axis.


  1. In the toolbox, Click the Create Transform Curve click ONCE (JUST CLICK, DON'T DRAG) on  the CV curve on surface you just created. OK, now Turn the Create Transform tool off.

  2. Now go to the Curve sub-object level and click on the curve to select the transform curve (it will turn red to show that the transform curve is selected, also check the name field in the Curve Common rollout.). Or use the H key, but be careful you might have more than on transform curve in the list.

  3. Now with the transform curve selected Click the "Make Independent"  button in the Modify panel under the Curve Common  rollout,  so we can edit the new curve.

  4. In the right viewport move the transform curve a short distance away from the surface along the X axis.


  1. Rotate and move the curve back a tiny bit and create another transform curve from this curve. (now you can use shift+move or click and drag with the create transform tool). Make sure to make the curve a Independent copy

  2. Repeat step 10 for a total of 3 transform curves and the one curve on surface like below.


Chances are that these new transform curves have way to many CVs by default, so we need the use the rebuild curve function tool reduce some CVs too make them easier to edit.

  1. With the 3rd Transform Curve selected, Click the "Rebuild"  button under the CV curve rollout. In the "Rebuild CV Curve" dialog box change the number of CVs to 10.

  1. Rebuild the other two Transform Curves the same way. DO NOT REBUILD THE CURVE ON SURFACE.

  2. Save your work as StudentID#_BetterEye01.max and continue to part 2




Creating the Eye Lid Part2