3d and 2d Content Creation

With a solid education in traditional fine art and my hand firmly in the digital realm, I create with a firm foundation of the basics and excel in the advanced.

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Knowlege: "(1) the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association (2): acquaintance with or understanding of a science, art, or technique."

-Merriam Webster-

The knowlege I gain I like to spread. With this attitude I have taught different age groups throughout my career.

My Skills

3d Digital Content, Animation, and Theory
Games Design and Theory
2d Design, Animation and Theory
Digital Media creation and Theory
Web Design

3d Digital Content...

Concept Design, Modeling, UVW Unwrapping, Rigging, Animating, Advanced Materials, Physics Simulations, Particle Simulations, Digital Sculpting

Games Design - Interactive Media

Assets development, Unity development, Unity Playmaker visual scripting, Level Design, Unreal Engine 3 and 4 development, Virtual Simulations

2d Design...

2d Animation (digital and traditional), Design, Drawing, and Animating

Digital Media Studies

Digital Image Theory, Digital Video Theory, Digital Image Manipulation, Video Editing and Composting

My Core Software


3d studio max


Unity Game Engine




Substance Painter



Quick Q&A

Since I enjoy creating, I design model and animate original contents 90% of the time.
Depending on the project, if the budget exist and time is short, purchasing pre-made models is a life-saver.
I've also used motioncapture animation files on particlar projects. It does save time but you still need to clean, edit, and fix the animation in your animation software, so I don't see it outside of the Animator's task.
Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects
ProMotion, DigiCell Flipbook, Toonboom etc...
Digital Media, Game Design, and 3d Design at the ACT, AMERICAN COLLEGE OF THESSALONIKI, Greece (University Level)
Game Design, and 3d Animation at AAS, APPLIED ARTS COLLEGE OF DESIGN, Thessaloniki, Greece (University Level)
Painting, and Drawing at the Marren Foundation, and Gallery 37 in Chicago, Illinois (Highschool Level)
3d Design for Kids at Anatolia Rainbow Camp (Secondary Level)
All of the content that you see was created by me as specified, or otherwise noted.
Pinball backglasses are credited to authors.
In this field you need to always explore new tools, techniques and keep your skills sharp.

Below are some of my sample exploratory works in digital sculpting, modeling and material studies.

Visit portfolio for an indepth look. VIEW PORTFOLIO
Or...see recent studies.

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